Some new Fall/Winter Gear

Fall means many is it is usually time to get some new gear. Fishing shrits are getting a little stanky and stained, I sweat a lot in them all summer and like my sandwiches with lots of mustard and mayo dripping out. Also I always need to replace some warmer clothes and check out what new fall clothing is out from Simms. Also it is always time to get some new rods for the fall and winter.

As a Scott pro staffer I am fortunate enough to work with a great company and put some of the best rods around in my boats. I picked up 2 A4 9ft 6wts for trout nymph fishing and throwing big dries out of the drift boat. 9'6" are great for wade fishing or nymphing out of the boat where longer casts and bigger drifts are needed but a 9' stick is nice when clients are just fishing 10-15' off the boat. I think begginners have an easier time swinging the indicator rig around on a shorter rod to...who knows though we'll see how it goes. I also picked up an A4 9'6" 6wt for steelhead season to compliment my S4's. The A4 is a great middle range rod and a great value for the dollar.

I also finally bought a switch I have not been a huge switch rod guy. I love spey fishing and have plenty of spey rods but the switch thing just never excited me. That said I fished one a few days this spring and summer swinging flies for shad and steelhead and I must admit it was pretty fun. I picked up a L2H 11' 6wt for the feather, Yuba, and Butte Creek this fall/winter. I have not matched it up with a reel or line but will most likely throw the Airflo Speydacator line on it.

A Few New Arrows for the Quiver
I have also become a Simms Fishing Products Ambasador. I started my fishing carrear wearing Simms gear and then wore some other companies for a while and in the last few years have come back to Simms and believe they make the best gear around. Just this year I was lucky enough to become a Simms Ambassador and will start working with simms in a formal manner to help design and create even better gear. That said I picked up some new cold weather gear for the coming weather.

The thing I am excited the most about is the New Fall Run Jacket. It is made with Prima Loft synthetic down and is super warm and super light...and most importantly you will not look like the Michelin man wearing old school down.

No more Michelin Man
I also picked up one of the new Kenia Shirts. I love this thing as it is a great fall fishing shirt. It has the sun protection benefits of Core3 technology but it is a bit thicker so a cold breeze does not just blow threw it and some new kind of fibers they created help trap heat.

I also picked up a new boat bag. The Dry Creek Boat Bag in size large. This thing is big. I love it as I now can carry everything not just fly boxes in my boat bag, I could stuff a few layers in there or what ever else I may need. It is a given to say it is completely water proof - any boat bag has to be.

Hogan Brown