Weekend Report

Busy weekend on many fronts…

Lower Yuba - Spent Saturday on the Feather. Feather is full of salmon from the top all the way down to Palm. We floated from the outlet to Palm and then came back up and floated from Shit House to the Outlet. The high flow fished well. We hooked good numbers of steelhead, breaking off a few, loosing, and landing a few as well. There were decent numbers of salmon up on redds in  all the normal spots. I still think there are still a lot of salmon staging in the deeper water and below the riffles to move up and spawn. The Low flow is full of salmon, more then I have seen in years. The first push of salmon have filled the riffles in the upper stretches spawning and sitting on redds while the next wave is schooling up in the riffles and staging below them in the riffles. Past Mathews it seemed that most fish were staging in the riffles and had not dropped eggs yet. This is a tough stage as the salmon are REALLY aggressive and will hit any egg that comes their way. We lost probably 40 rigs trying to fish through many of the low flow riffles, salmon after salmon slammed our eggs. We did manage to hook a few fish lower in the low flow, but not as good as the high flow. This rain will change things and I expect in the next few days the whole river should really get good.

Overall though it is a late start to things on the Feather which bodes well for a long season hopefully stretching into December for the whole river. Hot flies Eggs.

Lower Yuba – Lower Yuba has gotten a late start as well, but finally there are good numbers of salmon up on redds from about mid river down. The overcast weather Sunday really helped keeping the trout up on redds longer through the day. Where there were active salmon there was good numbers of fish behind them. There were some caddis and grey drakes around as well and if you wanted to fish some dries there are still a few opportunities. We didn’t get many fish on bugs as we focused more on egg water.

Most Importantly GO GIANTS AND GO IRISH!!!!!!
Hogan Brown