Mid week news/late weekend report

I filled this weekends dates with 2 dates on the Feather River for steelhead. Fishing was good. There is fish spread throughout the river eating eggs and nymphs. Mostly where there are salmon spawning fish are eating eggs and where the salmon are beginning to thin out they are sitting back out of the shallower  water eating nymphs. The first wave of salmon seems to have died off or atleast moved into the "wondering the flats like zombies" phase and the second wave of salmon is up in the riffles sitting on redds. Egg fishing should continue for a few more weeks but it seems the salmon are thinning out quicker then I expected...that said there is still a ton of them.

I have not heard any reports on the L. Yuba but I am sure it is still fishing well. I will be out on the Yuba at the end of this week so I should have a better idea about what is happening out there then. The flows did drop down to 925 cfs but this is still higher then the normal 7-800cfs.

Notre Dame took atleast 6mos to a year off my life this saturday night as they barely and I mean barely squeaked by 4-4 Pitt...what the hell boys. Go into Norman and put 30 on Oklahoma and then it takes 3 overtimes and the grace of good to beat a 4-4 Pittsburgh team. This week we travel to face a 2 win Boston College team that usually plays us pretty well so who knows what to expect.

Got some great new music this week .... Got the New Further Seems Forever CD. Normally I would not have bought a new Further Seems Forever CD sense all their singers have sucked sense Chris Carraba...well Chris is back in the band and this CD takes right off where The Moon is Down left off. Brings me back to 2001 really quick.

Thats it for now...
Hogan Brown