Lower Sac Weekend

I guided the Lower Sac saturday and sunday and was pretty happy with the fishing. December is traditionally a big fish month on the Lower Sac. Not huge numbers of fish but great numbers of big 20"+ Rainbows and the occasional steelhead. The sac was a nice olive/brown/green this weekend with about 1-2' of visibility. It looked much more cloudy then it was as I would stick my oar down and see it easily at 1-2' even though I would have thought it was about 6" of visibility. The turbitity on the sac is a bit weird I have come to find over the years.

Saturday we floated from Posse to Bonnieview and with the flows around 4500cfs it allows you to really work all the nooks and crannies of the runs. Fishing was great we lost some big fish and landed some big fish and as always there was a good mix of 16-17" footballs mixed in. My clients hooked fish on egg patterns, rubber leggs, better baetis nymphs, and various PT versions. The same day ryan johnston fished Bonnie to Anderson and just fished a double bead rig all day and had about the same results I did.

Sunday I decided to bite off a bigger float and went from Posse to Anderson. Had to move faster but fishing was about the same as Saturday so kinda nice to see some different water. Hot flies were pretty much the same and conditions were about the same as well. Had a new angler in the front of the boat so we lost a few more fish then saturday but always fun to help a new angler out and see them improve throughout the day.

The Lower Yuba dropped last night 2800cfs and deer creek is down to 53cfs. These are plenty fishable flows but I am not sure what the clarity is like coming out of the dam. At 53cfs Deer Creek is a non issue so it is more about the clarity of water coming out of Englebright. I would assume that there is still some color to the river but I would think it should fish here pretty soon.

There is some light rain forecasted for Wednesday and Sunday but this shouldn't change much with regards to flows or clarity on any of the rivers.

Lower Sac Pig

Lower Sac 

Lower Sac 

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