Pre Weekend Report

So the Lower Sac has come into shape this week and I will be guiding up on the upper floats the next few days. Cow Creek still seems to be pretty high so that will keep me above Anderson but by Monday or Tuesday it could clear up. Word on the street is that the river has been fishing good even with some color.

Lower Yuba is still high hanging around 4400cfs but looks to be dropping slowly. Deer Creek is under control hanging around 100cfs and slowly dropping as well. I imagine the Yuba is still a week or so away from clearing up. I don't fishing it around 4000cfs but clarity with all the water coming down through the reservoir I imagine will be an issue for a bit.

Butte Creek has come down and is at a manageable 654 cfs and slowly dropping. This is a great flow for the creek and one that offers a lot of fishing opportunities. Great flow to float and swing flies....which i will be doing both out there soon.

In other news....if Manti T'eo does not win the Heisman tomorrow night I will ask the Heisman Trust that they make it officially and offensive only award. Manti cleaned house last night at the annual college football awards but I really think he should win the Heisman compared to a frosh and a QB who choked against a .500 Baylor.

Also I am pretty pumped for the new ESPN 30 for 30 movie this Friday on Bo Jackson. If you grew up in the 90's and played sports you know the NIke ad campaign Bo had the poster with him in shoulder pads holding a bat across his back, bought a KC Royals hat just because of BO, and may even of had a pair of Bo Cross trainer Nikes.

In booze news... my pockets have not been lined with tip money for good booze the last two weeks due to blown out rivers and xmas time so I am relegated to the section of the grocery store I have picture below...when in doubt I go with the High Life.

When in doubt go for the High Life

Hogan Brown