Rain and California Fly Shop Tying Day Report

Unless you timed your winter bonefish/Caribbean holiday perfect (and kudos to you if you did) you have been living through some pretty serious rain/snow/wind in Northern California. The North State got hammer by like 3-4 major storms back to back flushing everything from my street to the Lower Sacramento River and every little creek and drainage ditch in between with massive amounts of water.

The Lower Yuba has gone up to 15,631cfs as of right now...with deer creek dumping 10,200 cfs...So the Yuba only has to drop like 12,000 cfs or so and Deer Creek needs to drop like 10,100 cfs and its time to go fishing. Little discouraging...that said it should drop over the week and hopefully should be fishable in the next 1-2 weeks...Hopefully.

The Lower Sac is blown out below Clear Creek and I am sure it is off color all the way up through Market St and the Posse Grounds. Hopefully the stretch between Posse and Cow Creek will clear over the next few days with no rain and if the Yuba is not in shape next weekend at least the Sac will be.

Butte Creek...16,900cfs....only needs to drop 16,100 cfs to be fishable...Pretty sure there are trout and steelhead in people's back yards at 16G's.

So...Perfect weekend for the California Fly Shop in San Carlos to have a big fly tying event right. I rallied down early Saturday after filling up the gas tank and getting some burger king breakfast. Talk about a white knuckle drive, the wind and rain was ridiculous. I would have liked to save on gas and taken my little commuter car but I figured if I was going to get blown off the road or crash Frank the big gas guzzling Ford F250 would be safer...Driving Frank also furthers my commitment to domestic oil drilling and middle east peace as I cringe every time I fill up his tank for a long drive.

The whole California Fly shop knows how to throw an event. By the time I got there around 10:00 am the event was getting started... There was well over 10 tiers and for the better part of 2-3 hours I could not see up from my table as there was people surrounding me watching my table tie, asking questions, and BS'ing. Clam Chowder, some great bread, and beer were all served to all attendees...that said I barely had time to eat between answering questions, tying, and making sure I spent some time with all the people that came or had questions. I was also pleasantly surprised to see so many kids there interested in tying and fly fishing in general. The California Fly Shop has a ton of gear stuffed into their store for the xmas season. Great fly selection, TONS of all the latest Simms Gear, and tons of gadgets and little items to stuff the stockings. Over all it was a great event and Xav, Victor, Karen, Alex, and all the Cal Fly Shop crew know how to through an in store event. Thanks to them and all the people that showed up to  be part of it. More importantly thanks for supporting your local specialty fly fishing retailer!!!!

Hogan Brown