Post Weekend Report

Spent a few days on the L. Yuba this weekend and fishing was fair. Good numbers of fish and a few nice ones mixed in. Flows have been stable at around 1900cfs though are going to drop to 1700cfs the morning of Jan 24. Clarity is 4-5’ and only in the deeper water is there any remaining color to the river. I found the fish to be spread out in their typical winter haunts. Most of our fish came in the flat water or slower water below runs. As the skwalas get active they should move into some faster water…that is assuming there are still some around after the sustained high water earlier this winter. Most of our fish came on attractor egg patterns, smaller rubber legs, and small mayfly nymphs like S&M’s, Flash back PT’s, and such. I did fish skwala dries for a few runs midday and rose one fish. I did see a handful of fish rise through out the day, but they seemed to be in more May fly water …. Flats and slower water. I did see some smaller baetis flying around, but nothing that I would call a hatch. I did not see one skwala and even got out and turned some rocks over looking for them with no success. That said it is a bit early ESPECIALLY with all the cold weather. I think with these warmer days the hatch should get going in the next week or so.

On the Lower Sac the caddis should start getting going with a few more weeks of warm weather as well. Spring is getting close!!!

I have a few days open over the next few weeks if anyone is interested in getting out on the L. Sac or Lower Yuba.

Jan 26
Feb 2, 9, 16

Hogan Brown