The Good and the Bad...

We will start with the bad news…As many may now know local California tier, guide, conservationist Bill Carnazzo passed away early this week. While I would not consider myself one of Bill’s good friends I would consider us long time acquaintances…well over a decade. This industry is small and if you work in it for any amount of time you run into everyone at one time or the other. Bill was a huge advocate for out sport, he taught tons of people how to fish the freestone streams of the Sierra Nevada’s and inter mountain region. His tight line nymphing technique is one of the best ways I know of to fish rivers like the North Fork Yuba, North Fork Feather, Upper Sac, Pit, McCloud, and really any river with big rocks, fast water, and trout. I remember the first times I met Bill were when I was working at Nevada City Anglers. He would come in with groups of people he was taking up fishing on the North Fork of the Yuba River. He seemed to be always sharing the sport and what he knew with people. He will be missed but I am sure never forgotten as long as people keep sharing what they learned from him.

In Good news …. Bill wrote a great piece (I think maybe one of his last) for his Fly tying column in California Fly Fishers on my Red Headed Step Child. If you have ever wanted to learn how to tie this fly check out the Jan 2013 issue of California Fly Fisher. Bill convinced me to spill the beans….

Also I have a feature article in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Northwest Fly Fishing on the North Fork Feather with some great photography by Kienes employee and my good friend Adam Grace. I have always said the north fork feather is the best-kept secret in the state of CA.

I also signed on to film a show of Fly Fishing the world with Conway Bowman this spring. Should be fun to take the Mako Shark king out trout fishing. More to come on how this goes and when the show will air

Sense we are on the trend of media I down loaded the new Pinback CD this week “Information Retrieved” from I tunes. I love these guys. They are a truly original band and one that while being very original is very accessible and has some catchy tunes. They play this Sunday at Harlow’s in Sacramento and I am going to try to get down to see them but we will have to see how things go with guiding and such. May have to rally as they are from New York so this is a pretty rare west coast non bay area appearance. 
Hogan Brown