Nov. 7 and 8th weekend

Spent this weekend on the Lower Sacramento from Red Bluff to Los Molinos. Fishing was fair. Caught some nice size rainbows for this stretch of river and a few clip fin steelhead but not the big fish you go down there for. Most of the fish came on bugs but a few came on eggs. This might have to do with the fact that there are scary few redds. Like maybe 3 or 4....there should be a ton by this time of year in about 2-3 spots on this float. Couple this with the fact I only saw 4 salmon...scary for the sac. I think the river up and down is fishing fair but there are not a lot of salmon around on the L. Sac from what I hear. I don't fish up high much anymore but I know that those that do are not impressed with the numbers of fish.

So...back to the Lower Yuba next weekend. I was glad to see we may get some rain wednesday but kinda pissed since that is the one day we have decided to move ALL our stuff into our new house...nice....never moved in the rain. Any how keep in mind as the egg bite on most rivers slows down fish move to deeper, slower water to digest. Down size flies, weight, and tippet and you can still get em...and the big guys start eating again first so keep that in mind.
Hogan Brown