5 June 2010

Spent yesterday out on the Sac. Flows are up to about 16,000 cfs with a release at Keswick of 15,000cfs so I don see a drop in flows in the future. Clarity is marginal as the high flows erode the soft clay and dirt banks that the cliff swallows have done their work on. That said conditions are not terrible. Once we got back in the sloughs, flats, and creeks looking for bass we found some clear water and good conditions. That said the up and down flows, temps, and weather have really made the bass fishing tough. We found fish smashing bait on the surface but couldn't get them to eat our flies even though my clients put the flies on the money. We also found some nice 10-15lb carp in a few back bays, but they were suspended and not really in eating mode though we did get a few follows and serious looks. A good spot to come back to during low light conditions and stalk the fish up on the flats. Later in the day we found some small mouth and small stripers smashing the surface but again we had limited success. Overall we were fishing to fish most of the day but just couldn't get them to eat what we were throwing...frustrating.

The weather looks stable over the next week so that should help maybe get the fish on a routine. I will be back on the river tomorrow for an evening shad date so I'll have a shad report tuesday. IN other news if anyone has a silver face Fender twin reverb they want to trade out or sell for a cheap price let me know...

Over and Out.
Hogan Brown