So ..... here goes the recap. Guided the L. Sac for shad on monday. Fishing was tough...really tough....my thought was that we were between pushes of fish as guys up river Los Mo/Red Bluff area were banging fish. Tuesday guided the Lower Sac from Barge Hole down to Bend Bridge. Fishing again was tough as the flows are incredibly high. Clarity was fine but many of my usual spots were very different with all the water. We did manage fish though and I would say given the flucutating flows that day and the high water fishing was fair. Hot bugs were rubber legs and 16 flash back PT's along with some copper john variations in the afternoon.

Wednesday and Thursday I was on the road giving slide shows. Always a fun thing as it gets me off the water for a few days. Both were well attended and it was a good to meet some new people and get out of town.

Friday the wind roled in and while I was planning on fishing with my dad we ended up just hanging out and playing with my son Oliver. Should get back out on the water Sunday to fish on my own... Then next week I am up at Clear Water House guiding the fall and other rivers up there. Loven the sunshine!!! Over and out
Hogan Brown