Report from the front...

I had a few afternoon striper trips last week and while the flows are LOW fishing was pretty good. Not great but good. Caught a fair number of dinks with some nice 6-15lbs fish mixed in. Really changed up flies, lines, and spots with the lower flows and later season to get fish though. I want to get a few personal days of striper fishing in before salmon season opens Oct. 9th as I know there are still some big fish around but we'll have to see. I know guys are still catching nice fish down lower as well around Colusa and Grimes.

This week I make the mover over to the Lower Yuba for the month of October. From what I hear the egg bit is slowly getting under way but not going off yet. Good numbers of salmon are pairing up though so any day now. Check back for some up to date reports soon.

In sporting news....This weekend after I pelted my neighbor "The Standford graduate's" house with eggs and profanities I nearly threw myself across the train tracks down town. Yes Notre Dame is coach, new system, new quarterback....but god Saturday was shameful. The only bright spot in all of this is that the giants may just win the west...Seriously I am on pins and needles this week. I can't take a giants implosion here at the end that may lead me to the tracks for good. We need to pound AZ into the ground and then move onto the Padres...

In other news... the new Idylwilde fly Catalog is in the hands of most Idylwilde dealers. Go into your local fly shop and hit em up. It is by far the best catalog out there when it comes to fly companies. Soon all the new bugs and updated photos will be on the web site but get into your fly shop early while they are writing fly orders and tell them what you want after looking through the catalog.

Over and Out.
Hogan Brown