Oh how good it feels....

I was completely prepared to host a dumpster fire and burn every piece of giants and notre dame gear I have and give up being a sports fan for eternity if my Irish lost to Boston College and the Giants couldn't win one damn game. Fortunately, both succeeded and Life is back to good. GO GIANTS!!!!!

Now on to fishing. If you are not fishing now, sell your fly rods and get a new Hobbie cause October is where it is at.

The egg bit is going off on the lower yuba with good and great days this last week. There are more salmon in the Lower Yuba this year then I have seen in years. All normal spots are full of salmon and fish are having to spawn in other or "new" areas. That said there are still tons of salmon in the deeper holes in the lower river and pods at the base of Daguerre waiting to move up river. Should be a great fall and winter on the Yuba. As for fishing instructions...fish beads or what ever egg pattern you prefer if you are oppose to beads. Fish are concentrated in the riffle eating eggs in the upper and mid river. Couldn't find fish in what we call bug water in the upper or mid river. Once you get down to about Sycamore the redds are not as thick and salmon have yet to pair up in the riffles so fish will eat caddis and mayflies with more regularity.

BE CAREFULL on the Yuba to stay off the redds. I saw multiple people over the weekend tromping through fresh redds...this is my pet peave, don't be "that guy".

Lower Sac is getting started with a few fish up on redds in the upper river but early reports are that the egg bite has yet to get going strong. Heard some mixed reports from the feather as well but with good salmon returns on the feather I expect that we should see improved steelhead fishing over there over the next few weeks.

I still have some winter dates available so if you are looking to do some winter steelhead fishing on the Lower Sac, Yuba, Feather, or Butte Creek pick one and give me a call or shoot me an email. Or just shoot me an email and ask for an up to the minute fishing report.

Winter Dates

November: 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28

December: 11, 12, 18, 19, 22, 23, 29

January: 2 - 9

Thanks for reading and get out there and Fish

Hogan Brown