Weekend on the L. Sac.

Spent the last few days on the Lower Sacramento. Fished from Anderson down to Los Molinos and fishing was fair to good. Saturday was the opening day of catch and kill salmon fishing from Deschutes Bridge down river and it was a freaking zoo at the boat ramps but once we got on the river I didn't run into nearly as many boats as I thought. Every salmon guy I ran into was catching fish and most seemed to think the bite was pretty good. Saw one boat pull a good 20lb buck outta of a hole below Cow Creek and was amazed that they kept it based on its black color. Maybe they needed a pair of shoes, who knows.

Discouraging news: I saw about 4 redds with salmon on them the last few days and caught only a handfull of fish on egg patterns. The salmon are just not there and the fish know it as they are still hanging in the typical bug water eating small mayflies, fall caddis, and stones in the lower river. Talking to a few guys who have been fishing the upper river (redding to Anderson) the egg bite is not happening up there either. There is a handful of redds and if you are the first boat down the river you'll hit the 10 or so fish behind them but that is it. FISHING is tough up there. There is just not the fish spawning to get the egg bite going. Maybe its late? I don't know.

While on the L. Sac we did catch a few adult steelhead and a bunch of fin clipped half pounders in the lower river. All days we hooked good numbers of fish but not the stupid numbers we should put up during the middle of October and what is usually the peak of the egg bite. This week I am heading back to the L. Yuba and gonna go check out the Feather as the high flow has dropped and there is good numbers of salmon around dropping eggs.

In other news: Giants I love you....but Philly really scares me. I am gonna enjoy the series win for the next few days. Notre Dame, Way to get it done.
Hogan Brown