Quick Report

Lower Yuba: The first egg bite has slowed down. If you got out there mid sept to early oct. you hit it and fishing has slowed sense. That said there are fresh redds in the lower river (Hammond Grove down) with fish actively eating eggs behind them. Most fish in the upper river have moved off the redds and are hunkered down digesting a months worth of egg protein. There are still fish in the middle river eating eggs behind some redds but no where near the numbers there were a week or two ago. The fish that are eating bugs are eating small mayflys (flash back PT’s, Military May in Olive, S&Ms, and Micros Mays all in size 16 and 18) and a few caddis (Yuba Pupa, olive no bead birds nest, and Olive fox’s pupa in 16 and 18).

Lower Feather: I haven’t fished it personally but a few close friends have been guiding and fishing it and report salmon numbers like they haven’t seen in years along with good numbers of larger “half pound/juvenile” and adult steelhead. While the crowds are also thick in the low flow the high flow has come down and with all the salmon we should see a good salmon spawn throughout the high flow. This will keep steelhead fishing going through October and well into November. Hot flies…Eggs…eggs… and if you are hitting up the deeper runs in the high flow…eggs and mayflies.

Lower Sac: Egg bit has not started…Some say it is late some say the returns of salmon are way down. Talking to the salmon fisherman around Chico there are not a lot fish moving through and the ones that are are pretty beat up. If it happens it is going to happen in the next two weeks…cross your fingers. The lower river is producing a few adult steelhead and good numbers of Juveniles.

I still have some November and December days left and with all the salmon still moving into the feather and Yuba November and December are going to be a great months for trout and steelhead fishing in Northern California.

Nov: 7, 21, 22,

Dec: 18, 19, 22, 23, 29

Hogan Brown