What a weekend...

If you were not aware it pissed rain in nor cal this weekend. Not sure what the totals are but it seemed to rain all day saturday and sunday. I was on the lower Sac and didn't see the river conditions change much as it is really the first big rain of the year and the ground is DRY. Butte Creek did come up from 100cfs to 1300cfs but is dropping right now. The Yuba on the other hand just blew out last night and came up to 2827cfs from 804cfs. Deer Creek peaked at 2410cfs last night and is dropping so hopefully as it drops the main river will as well.

The Lower Sac this weekend was fair. Not the normal sac for October. We fished from Possie Grounds to Bonnie View (doing double floats) the egg bite was very poor even with the rain and over cast conditions. All our my fish came on small mayflies (S&M's and a new fly called the Little Bastard). The afternoon baetis hatch was one of the best I have seen in a long time. Waders in Posse Riffle seemed to be catching a few fish but most I talked to said they were small fish. Throughout the float the redds just didn't produce fish most of my fish came in what I call bug water with only maybe 3-4 fish coming off redds and even then they ate the nymphs. End result was I will definitely not be heading back to the upper floats any time soon. I think with this rain the feather and Yuba are gonna get really good again...move some fish up and around and stir things up.

In sporting news...the giants winning the pennant and going to the World Series has over shadowed the slaughter that my Irish took at the hands of Navy. I can't even bring myself to watch the game. I dvr'd it assuming I would be in a media bubble until I could watch it but the score flashed on the tv as I was watching the giants game...Brutal. It is a rebuilding year officially. Looks like more weather coming in later in the week and maybe this weekend. Looks like good weather to move steelhead up rivers and get some things going. Over and Out
Hogan Brown