Weekend Report

Spent Saturday on the Lower Feather with two long time clients. We floated from the Out let down to the Gridley Boat ramp. So the whole length of the high flow that most people can access via drift boat. Fishing was great considering what it has been previous years. There were spawning Salmon all the way down to Gridley and we hooked fish throughout the entire drift. We hooked about 9 or 10 fish and landed 3. Which is great fishing for the high flow considering previous years. It was great to see salmon spawning as far down as we did and we saw fresh salmon rolling in some of the big deep holes so there are still salmon that are going to spawn which is great for early November steelhead fishing on the feather. Hot flies were eggs and san jaun worms in various colors

Also check out my buddy Keith Westra's new clothing line "Nature Boy Designs". They are making some cool shirts and have plans for many more cool designs. I will be rocking this gear for sure and encourage everyone to keep tabs on what Keith has in the works on his website.
Hogan Brown