I have been a giant’s fan as long as I can remember. My father started taking to me Candlestick when I was 10 or so and I remember watching Will Clark, Matt Williams, Candy Maldonado, Kevin Mitchell, Rod Beck, Bob Brenley, Robby Thompson, ...I didn't know the game but I knew the players and watched them with such devotion with my father that I knew of nothing more important March through September. I have heard more KNBR broadcast of giant’s game then masses in a church. I have taken spring trips with my dad, many games, and The Giants along with Notre Dame football are always the first thing my father and I talk about.

I love the game of baseball and have never seen the world series as the be all end all for my team as so much in baseball is out of a players control. I do vividly remember watching on a small old tube TV from my crappy sub divided town house in Chico the 2002 game 6 utter collapse of my team and eventual home lose that lead to the lose of the world series. At that point we were so close and I was so excited I made the claim to the god of sports fans "All I need is one world series in my life". I believed that as I watched the giants become a good team, not a great team, and one entrounced in the breaking of a record and not the foundation of team play that is so important in baseball, that it would be a while before I ever even saw a division title.

The last thing I thought when this team broke spring training was that we were going to win the division, the pennant, and then World Series. I can't remember how many times Pablo hit in to double plays, the middle of the order left runners in scoring position, Cain or Zito pitched a gem with no run support, and I was left yelling at the TV completely discouraged....By August my son was in a store with my wife and saw a baseball and bat on display and said, "daddy baseball.... mommy says ya good job buddy....Oliver " ya baseball F*$K F*#K S**T F*%K F$%KEN gIANTS....mommy drags oliver outta the store swearing baseball f**k. That is where I was at as a fan.

I then went on to watch September and October with my jaw open...It was like everyone on the team decided they were going to do this and I was finally watching what I always thought that we might be able to do. To beat teams that most experts would say were not even in their league was mind blowing. I thought we could beat the Braves but no way the Phillies and by no means an American League team like the Rangers. Then I watched them not only beat the Rangers, if you know baseball, you watched them dismantle them! AMAZING!!!!

Hogan Brown